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The Power Of Pinterest





If you’re working in the world of web and social media, you need to get to know the powerhouse that is Pinterest. Survey data from Ahalogy suggests the average number of monthly Pinterest users in the U.S. is around 53 million. That’s 22% of 16-and-over population. Currently there are more than 30 billion pins on Pinterest; more than half were added within the last year. 

Courtesy of Forbes Magazine

In a recent the recent article “6 Reasons Not To Ignore Pinterest”, Entrepreneur Magazine author John Egan discusses the reasons why you should become acquainted with Pinterest.b797eb0252fc2eedb865f56a3db5e3bd


  1. Social Media Users Admire Pinterest
  2. Pinterest Is Popular
  3. Women Flock To Pinterest
  4. It’s Fertile Turf
  5. Pinterest Users Are Loyal
  6. There’s Room For Growth

Number 3 is probably the most insightful. Women are flocking to Pinterest in droves. About 80% of all Pinterest users are women. Here in the US, women make 85% of purchasing decisions. With women making these decisions they are certainly a demographic shouldn’t be ignored. Finding a way to market your product or services on Pinterest could be beneficial to reaching this audience.

By no means has Pinterest reached the volume of users held by rivals Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. But with more than half a billion active monthly users, they are well on the way.

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