Keeping Creativity Alive

If you’ve ever worked on a creative project, chances are at some point you’ve been in a situation where you’ve hit a creative wall. Creative Bloq magazine recently released the article “20 Ways To Overcome Creative Block”. It shares some great tips to help you keep those creative juices flowing.

Some of the most helpful advice was in tip #4: Don’t be afraid to step away. Sometimes when you’ve hit the creative block, it’s best to walk away. This leads us to tip #19: Sleep on it when you can.  When you wake up with a clear mind, it’s easer to look at things with a fresh perspective. Tip #5: Finish what you’ve started. This tip stresses the importance of seeing a project through to completion.

To see the rest of the list of  “20 Ways To Overcome Creative Block” check out the full article here:


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