Understanding Net Neutrality

Later this week, companies like Reddit, Kickstarter, Etsy and Vimeo are banning together for a “net neutrality day of action”. The purpose of the protest is to bring attention to the net neutrality rules recently proposed by the FCC and to encourage public comment. If passed, the new rules could mean faster loading times for companies willing to pay a fee. This could leave their smaller competitors in the dust with slower loading times.

Net neutrality can be a difficult concept for the average internet user to understand. So here’s a video from Mashable explaining what it’s all about:


The Internet Slowdown Day protest is scheduled for Wednesday September 10th. Foursquare, and other members of the Battle for the Net initiative are hoping the protest will encourage the public to forward their concerns to the FCC, Congress and the White House. The FCC’s open public comment period on fresh Internet regulations comes to an end on 9/15.


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