How To Deal With Nightmare Clients


Whether you’re a freelancer or working for a large web development company, chances are at some point you’re going to have to deal with clients that are less than cooperative. Web Designer Depot recently posted an article about Nightmare Clients And How You Can Avoid Them. The article breaks down problem clients into 9 categories ranging from the “helicopter client” who wants to hover over your every move, to the “broke client”, to the “buddy client” who wants to be your new BFF while you’re working on their project.

Once you’re able to recognize these clients, it will make it easier for you decide whether or not you’re willing to deal with taking on their project. Should you accept business from one of these problem clients you should do your best to remain professional and to provide the agreed upon services.

The article goes on to say, “remember, being a design professional is not about trying to be friends with everybody, but by being clear and upfront with clients you can ensure that in your dealings with them there can be no emotional manipulation…Clients that are responsive, engaged, and (most important of all) pay on time, are to be treasured. If you have them, hold on to them, cherish them, and don’t forget to tell them once in a while how much you appreciate them.”

  1. The Reluctant Client
  2. The False Client or ‘Hoop Bringer’
  3. The Hidden Client
  4. The Helicopter Client
  5. The Broke Client
  6. The ‘Weasel’
  7. The Entrepreneur
  8. The ‘Buddy’
  9. The Client From HE-double-hockey-sticks



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