Standouts From The 2014 Mobile World Congress


The 2014 Mobile World Congress wrapped up in Barcelona last week. Tech companies displayed all their latest devices. Some of the highlights included the best in new smart phones, tablet technology and wearable tech.

Sony debuted the Xperia Z2. The all-new smart phone is waterproof and dustproof and features a camera that includes 4K support. The screen has a stunning screen display equipped with  Bravia HDTV technology. Nokia presented the new Nokia X. and Samsung unveiled the new Galaxy S5.

Samsung also showed off their new Gear Fit, a fitness tracker and smart watch combination. It has a 1.84-inch screen. Like most fitness trackers, it displays the usual stats like calories burned and miles walked. But this device also delivers incoming calls and forwards texts and other alerts from your smartphone.

Other highlights from the WMC included new touchscreen technology from Fujitsu. It uses ultrasonic frequencies to help users “feel” the textures of items they touch while running their fingers across the tablet screen.

EyeTribe  demonstrated retinal tracking technology that allows users to play games like Fruit Ninja using only their eyes. And company called DryWired showed off a machine that coats tech devices with a waterproof coating.

To see more highlights from the Mobile World Congress, click on the link below.

Best And Weirdest From the Mobile World Congress


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